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Methamphetamine Detox

Posted by Sun on July 20, 2011

Unlike detoxing off some other drugs there are currently no approved medications to ease the symptoms, but medical monitoring can be employed to maintain safety while a person is experiencing withdrawal symptoms. Detoxing from meth is not normally life threatening, but medical complications can occur and each individual will have a slightly different experience in the detox process. This article helps explain the concepts of heroin tolerance, withdrawal, and what it means to detox off of meth.

Many people confuse detox with treatment.  Detox should be seen only as the beginning of a longer process.  Psychotic symptoms can sometimes persist for months after use has ceased .Typically, inpatient detox lasts for five to seven days.  Treatment, which may be done on an outpatient or inpatient basis will likely last up to 90 days.

Methamphetamine Tolerance and Withdrawal

Methamphetamine has a high potential for abuse and dependence. Tolerance may develop and users may quickly become addicted and use it with increasing frequency and in increasing doses. Abrupt discontinuation of use can produce extreme fatigue, mental depression, apathy, long periods of sleep, irritability, and disorientation.

What’s it like detoxing off methamphetamine?

It’s difficult to say exactly what it will be like for each individual detoxing from meth as the experience varies widely.  Methamphetamine has a strong pull.  The binge and crash cycle that many meth addicts go through does not always lend itself easily to detox.  Detoxing off meth you are likely to: After methamphetamine use is stopped, several withdrawal symptoms can occur, including

  • depression
  •  anxiety
  •  fatigue
  • paranoia
  • aggression
  • intense craving for the drug


There are treatment options for methamphetamine addiction. One treatment model called the Matrix model is being found to have particularly good success at treating methamphetamine addiction. At the same time, due to the level of cognitive impairment, some treatment providers are finding that it takes longer to treat someone using methamphetamine than other drugs.

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One Response to “Methamphetamine Detox”

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    since i have not had the resources nor do i wish to go up against the fda all the statements above are for entertainment purposes only. this treatment guide is not intended to cure prevent or treat any disease or health condition.

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