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Master and Stupid Prince By Rumi

Posted by Sun on July 22, 2011

The king entrusted his son to a team of learned scholars. In due course, they taught him the sciences of astrology, geomancy, and the interpretation of signs, until he became a complete master, despite his utter stupidity and dullness of wit!

One day the king took a ring in his fist and put his son to the test. “Come, tell me what I am holding in my fist.” “What you are holding is round, yellow, inscribed and hollow,” the prince answered.“You have given all the signs correctly,” the king said. “Now say what it is.” “It must be a sieve.” the prince replied.

“What?” cried the king. “You know all the minute details, which would baffle the minds of anyone. How is it that out of all your powerful learning and knowledge, the small point has escaped you that a sieve will not fit in a fist?”

by Rumi

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