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Characteristics of The Effective Relapse Prevention Plan

Posted by Sun on July 25, 2011

What is relapse?
Addiction relapse is generally considered to be the return to addictive behavior that person use it after a period of abstinence. To prevent relapse is a key factor of a treatment program. A relapse prevention plan plays a vital part in the addictiontreatment, because, the relapse can be extremely frustrating for people who have addictive behavior and for families. The relapse means treatment failure for some people. I think the value of a program or a rehab center is based on its relapse prevention plan.

What are characteristics of the effective relapse prevention plan?

An effective relapse prevention plan has four characteristics:
1. It is a unique plan
2. It teaches the art of self control
3. It Strengthens sensitivity
4. It teaches the art of loving

It is a unique plan

Each plan of get rid addiction is custom tailored to fit the individual characteristics of each client.
To create a Relapse Prevention Plan depends on different factors such as the substance used, period of time of use, Socio-economic position, mental and physical health, life self style, values and beliefs, and etc. Every person’s addiction is a particular problem that needs a unique plan for the relapse.

It teaches the art of self control

What is self control?
Self control is the ability to control one’s feelings, emotions, impulses, reactions and urges.
Self-control is a key factor that prevents of relapse. Fortunately, people can learn self control skill as other arts. Training programs should be such that people can master in this art.

It Strengthens sensitivity

Relapse is a process that includes three stages: Emotional, mental, and physical relapse. Relapse starts with mental and emotional relapse weeks before physical relapse. So, if person has high sensitivity, he/she can prevent of relapse in mental or emotional stages. To high sensitivity is a process that starts with sensitivity to signs of physical relapse to signs of mental relapse.

It teaches the art of loving

Motivation plays a critical role on relapse prevention. Love and fear are the two fundamental sources of motivation. All programs are based on fear have characteristics such as painful, watchful, low motivation, avoidance-oriented, and with repeated relapse. In contrast a program is based on love has characteristics such as happiness, high motivation, attraction –oriented, and with less relapse. Twelve-step program and cognitive behavior therapy program are based on fear. Rumi program that I have created for addiction recovery is based on love.


4 Responses to “Characteristics of The Effective Relapse Prevention Plan”

  1. It also includes an autopsy of where and when the relapse began.

    If an addict isn’t able to see what went wrong, and take ownership of it, it will happen over and over again.

    • Magic said

      Hi, Warren

      In the effective recovery plan, when the sensitivity increase, person not only sensitives to the triggers of time and place but also he/she is too sensitive to thoughts, feelings, behaviors and people.
      The denial is cause of to inability to seeing. The origin of the denial is the suffering. When love is the source of your motivation the pain tolerance increases and the denial mechanism isn’t formed.

  2. I have been so lucky that when I quit drinking for good the 3rd time, I went through recovery with a friend. Then when I tried to drink a sip of anything, I would run to the bathroom and throw up. Sounds gross but the Lord delivered me and now it’s 6 + years with not one sip. AMEN.

    • Magic said

      Hi, Jackie

      Nietzsche says: “What does not destroy me, makes me stronger.”
      I believe everybody overcome his/her addictive behavior, he/she is stronger than the past.

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