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Posted by Sun on July 31, 2011

During the war I worked at the induction board in Detroit. One day, as I was going to the induction board, I saw a veteran who had returned with an artificial leg, looking at some glare ice and eyeing it suspiciously because he knew that he was likely to fall on glare ice. “That’s very smooth ice,” I told him. “Stand where you are.

I’ll come over and teach you how to walk on glare ice.” He could see that I had a limp, so he knew I must be talking about what I knew. He watched me walk across that glare ice and asked, “How did you do it?” I said, “I won’t tell you, I’ll teach you.

Now, you just keep your eyes totally shut.” And I turned him around, and walked him back and forth on the ice-free sidewalk. I kept walking him back and forth over longer distances and then shorter and shorter distances until finally I noticed his utter confusion.

Finally, I got him clear across to the other side of that glare ice. I said, “Open your eyes.” He said, “Where is that glare ice?” I said, “It’s behind you.” He said, “How did I get over here?” I said, “Now you can understand. You walked as if the cement was hare.

When you try to walk on ice the usual tendency is to tense your muscles, preparing for a fall. You get a mental set. And you slip that way. “If you put the weight of your legs down straight, the way you would on dry cement, you wouldn’t slip. The slide comes because you don’t put down your full weight and because you tense yourself.” It took me a long time to find that out.

Did you ever walk upstairs one step too many? What an awful jolt it is! Walk downstairs one too many—you can break your leg. And yet you are totally unaware of that set.

by Milton Erickson


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