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Body Talks in Self Control

Posted by Sun on August 18, 2011

Your body talks to you. Despite that, the body talks most people fail to heed warning signs and go about doing the opposite of what the body needs to survive healthy.

We all have the capacity to understand the body language, talk and functions that we express each day. By understanding, what your body says you can regulate self and decide what is best for your body. One of the techniques we can consider is a scientific, neuropathy test.

Touch your skin. Mention a technique you want to try out to cultivate self-control. Notice the response of your skin. If your skin weakens then the technique you choose will not work. On the other hand, if your skin feels strong then the technique you have chosen will assist you with cultivating self-control. Always pay close attention when you conduct this scientific test for the best results.

Body talk gives us the ability to test our physiology changes and reactions. Self-examines is one of the ways that we can regulate and monitor our body talk and physiology responses. When you focus, go inside your mind and body, you can actually diagnose self or discover barriers that hold you back from cultivating self-control. The higher planes of awareness you develop of self will make it easier with each time you self-examine self to discover answers to major problems you face in self-development.

Try it. Recline and focus on your body and mind. Allow you to enter the mind and explore your human responses and functions. Practicing this procedure daily will take you to higher planes of consciousness one can imagine. However, you should learn about the body and mind to some extent to use self-examining techniques to cultivate self-control. By developing a higher plane of consciousness, you cultivate traits of self-control, which include your perceptions, awareness and self-realization.

Having an overall insight to the body and mind’s capabilities will make it possible for you to reach higher planes of development.

Because the competition in today’s world is forever increasing, it has made it harder for us to maintain self-control. We have too much negativity in life that often slow our progress of developing self and control. The world drives people to materials, which causes them to forget their humanly duties to cultivate self-control. For this reason, learning techniques and learning to listen to the body talks, is essential for self-development.

We must avoid hate, jealousy, and the cultivation of greed. All these negativities will lead you to disaster, which robs you of cultivating self-control. Let your body do the talking. When you are confronted with temptation, rather than jump into a situation blindly, take some time to self-examine your thoughts and body talk closely.

By self-examining your thoughts and body talk closely, you will be able to make better decisions, simply because your judgment mind will have control.

We must develop higher planes of inner self-awareness. By staying alert to your surroundings, you can focus on your body talk and thoughts closely while observing others. By observing others you can regulate your influences, which could persuade you to do wrong, regulating them so that you have control over what decisions you make.

Encouraging positive thoughts is possible through self-examining you, which will assist you with exercising self-control also. Negative thoughts are something we want to avert to cultivate self-control. A positive thinker has inner powers that drive him to achieve his or her goals, thus develop self-awareness, the ability to examine self, et cetera and you will cultivate self-control. Listen to your body and mind talk to cultivate your self-control. We all have several steps to take to develop self-control.


I am medical doctor and hypnotherapist with more than 17 years experience. Feel free to send me email ( to discuss your situation.

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