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Emotions in Self Control

Posted by Sun on August 18, 2011

Emotions in terms of anger, jealousy, happiness and sadness are just some of the aspects of life that one has to deal with. Emotions are a reaction to physical stimuli that the mind perceives. The intensity of the emotions depends upon the strength of the stimuli. Usually when the mind is threatened by too much intensity of a stimuli it has a tendency to react with emotions matching the intensity of the stimulus. Thus, it becomes necessary to regulate emotions so that they do not prove detrimental to the self.

Your emotional intelligence or the E.I. quotient measures the ability to controlling ones emotions in a   stressful situations. It particularly seeks to monitor your anger and depression to enable your self-control over these emotions. The self is dependent upon the mind and emotions as the perfect balance between the mind and the emotions actually determines the well-being of the self.

To explain the self-dynamics it is important to understand how mind and emotions function together.    The mind is the realm of logic and reasoning. It is the theoretical basis of making a sound judgment in order to achieve goals or objectives successfully. Emotional judgment is often inaccurate and may not lead the individual to achieve the goal. Therefore, whenever making a decision it is necessary to maintain mind over emotions. No matter how strong ones anger is against a particular person or situation, in a formal setting like the office environment it is necessary to maintain a sense of peace and calm as regarding your emotions. The self is represented through your personality, so if you have a balance between your mind and emotions you should be able to enjoy a stress free life. This would enable you to express your self much more optimistically and develop a positive sense of development.

Since the mind plays a key role is directing emotions to a positive direction, one may ask as to how to we strengthen the faculties of the mind? The answer is just one keyword i.e. healthy living. Living a healthy lifestyle is not only conducive to the development of the mind for controlling your self, but a healthy lifestyle is characteristic of the development of a positive mind set. Thus, it is the first step that one takes to controlling the self. Healthy living means adequate nutrition, exercise, positive social relationships and time management.

Firstly, in terms of nutrition it is necessary to eat a healthy balanced diet that is full of proteins, fats, vitamins and carbohydrates. One must control eating habits. Eating junk foods or other unhealthy foods rich in fat causes imbalances.  Food is the true essence when it comes to testing your self-control capabilities. Sometimes it is necessary to go on a diet to allow your digestive system to relax. Try to substitute caffeinated drinks such as tea, coffee and fizzy drinks with fruits, in order to improve your concentration and ability to handle stress much better.
Secondly, Exercise plays an important part of controlling yourself. In particular, mental exercise enhances your mind and enables greater control over emotions.

Alternative forms of exercise such as yoga can enable improved concentration, thus strengthening the faculties of the mind and enhancing greater self-control.

Thirdly, one should always be up for social relationships. Loneliness is one of the major causes of depression, which leads the individual into a negative self-concept about himself. By being socially aware a person develops, a sense of positive self-concept about himself and the interactions amongst peers creates a social value amongst his social circle.

Therefore, in order to achieve self-control it is necessary to maintain a balance between your mind and emotions in order to be able to achieve goals without any stress or anxiety. Seeking balance is easy when you develop E.I.


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