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Seeking Balance for Self Control

Posted by Sun on August 18, 2011

Millions of people each day seek balance of the emotions in an upsetting, face-pace world, yet these people often struggle with the emotions that cause interruptions ongoing.

The problems never seem to end. Emotions cause joy, anger, resentment, sadness and all these powerful emotions lead to either results or negative consequences. Emotions cause reactions to physiological stimuli. The mind sees these stimuli, perceiving it based on what one has learned throughout his life.

Emotions can become intense based on the intensity of stimuli or triggers that target the emotions. Commonly, when the emotions feel threatened, the level of intensity causes the emotions to react at the same heights of the stimuli charge. It is detrimental at this point to take control of the emotions by regulating self.

E.I. is one’s emotional intelligence. This quotient measures our ability to regulate and control the emotions during high intense situations. One must use self-analyzing tactics to regulate and monitor the emotions to develop E.I., in turn, developing self-control.

Humans depend on the emotions and mind. The emotions determine our faith because all the energies come from this area whether it is a good outcome or bad outcome. It decides our faith because how we respond to these emotions leads to the consequences we face.

Self-dynamics is relevant to balance and emotions. It is essential that one understands the functions of the mind and emotions. The mind is our brainpower. This brainpower houses the intellect, which allots one to care for self, set objectives, stay attune to surroundings, think, concentrate, heed warning in dangerous situations, and so on. The emotions on the other hand houses functions that cause one to feel sentiments express and feel sensations and cultivate passion.

By understanding what the mind and emotions house and what they give us the capability to do, one can move to seek balance. Note that the mind can join in harmony with the emotions because our intellect causes feelings to trigger the emotions. Note that the mind allots one to stay in tune of his surroundings. By developing emotion-mental strength of mind you can avoid many situations that you may confront by staying alert to your actions, behaviours, habits, and those of others around you as well. Practice daily, building your consciousness to prevail and balance the emotions and mind.

Note that your mind enables you to set objectives while the emotions enable you to feel passion. Your passions could produce strong feelings, such as anger that could lead to rage or outbursts. On the other hand, your passions could produce favourable traits, such as excitement, zeal, or enthusiasm. It is up to you to decide what passions you want to cultivate. One of best techniques one can use to develop positive passions is to self-examine or analyze self regularly. Make it a habit daily to look inside of you to decide what your passions can produce.

The mind allows one to use logic for reasoning. Theoretical, when the mind and emotions work in harmony, thus one can make sound judgments. The problem is our emotional judgment is not always reliable. Inaccuracies develop here because of influences and persuasion we learnt from educational programs, parents, siblings, peers, and observational learning. Thus, all of these inaccuracies develop from our conceptions and the way we perceive things at that time. Thus, one must reform the conceptions and perceptions in order to harmonize the emotions and mind to work through emotional judgment inaccuracies.

Thus, one must achieve mind over emotions, E.I. in order to develop self-control. We encourage you to read often so that you can become well versed, which is the best way to reform the emotions, encouraging them to work with you instead of against you. Aspects that aid us in controlling self must be discovered.


I am medical doctor and hypnotherapist with more than 17 years experience. Feel free to send me email ( to discuss your situation.

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