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Self Control and Life

Posted by Sun on August 18, 2011

The need for self-control can be seen in the lives of many of us out there. We may all think that we are in control of our emotions. And that our lives but there are many issues that show that we are not as in control of ourselves as we may think. There are many issues that we take for granted in life but that relate back to the need for self-control. We often will put our health and our lives at stake for some of the impulses that really highlight and illustrate that we often are beings that are driven by desires, urges and wants rather than needs. We are able to exclude good thought from our minds selectively and are able to disregard what we know in our minds is the right and correct action. At times, we will put our security and safety on the line to fulfil these desires that we know are not the best things for us and lose all self-control.

So you think you are self-controlled. Well the fact of the matter is that no matter how much we believe that we are in control we will always slip as we are only human but we have to make the commitment to ourselves to be in control as much as possible. There are some of us that are battling problems such as obesity and heart disease and much of this is due to our actions. While there are cases where these problems are not linked to our actions, the norm is that they are linked.

If we are able to be more self controlled we will be able to help ourselves when we are facing these problems or even reduce the possibility of these issues arising. We will stick to the diets that are recommended for us and not be persons that are not able to control their intake. We will exercise and try to lead healthy lives. All this is easy to say and harder to do for many of us out there. We are lead by our desires and needs and not by the ability to act logically for our own betterment.

There are other examples of this is the lives of all of us. One example that has become more prevalent in recent years is the fact that there are many persons out there in debt. They have credit card debt that exceeds their ability to repay and often have home mortgages that are refinanced to meet their credit problems. This is not a way to go through life by any means. We are putting our security and the security of our families on the line by living above our means. Circumstances can cause these problems too but most often, we need to show self-control in our spending when it comes to credit card debts.

There are many gamblers out there that are not in control of their urges to wager and bet on the outcome of random events, there are many alcoholics that cannot control the need to drink and many more examples out there. When we let our self-control, slip we are just as bad and should not judge. We need to learn to control our own selves, actions, and thoughts and then perhaps we can be of assistance to others. We have to be conscious of our responsibilities and keep them in mind when we are tempted to act impulsively and on emotion. We may not always succeed in these feats but the more we try the more self controlled we will become and the better equipped to face the next situation.


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