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Drink with Caffeine May Cause Alcoholism

Posted by Sun on August 21, 2011

A study shows that young adults that mix drinks with caffeine more likely to become alcoholics:

“It’s not just boozy energy drinks that make young people go loco.

Even though Four Loko, the fruit-flavored malt beverage with a 12% alcohol content, is now is banned in several states, research suggests even non-alcoholic energy drinks pose a danger.

College students who often consume the caffeine-heavy drinks are more likely to become alcoholics, according to a study that was reported by Time.

The research, from the Center on Young Adult Health and Development at the University of Maryland School of Public Health, says that those who drink energy drinks often – 52 or more times annually – have a significantly higher risk than the general population of exhibiting alcohol dependence and having episodes of heavy drinking.

“Weekly or daily energy drink consumption is strongly associated with alcohol dependence,” noted the report. “College students who frequently consume energy drinks represent an important target population for alcohol prevention.””

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