Bangkok Hypnosis


Posted by Sun on September 16, 2011

I think a great deal can be done. The president of the state medical society, a surgeon, sent me a woman. He had operated on her for cancer of the uterus and then operated on her for

cancer of the colon, of a different variety. She developed a contraction of the lower colon. Defecation was extremely painful, and she went to his office for slow, gradual dilatation. And she suffered from such terrible pain.

He asked me, “Can you help the woman with hypnosis? I don’t want to do a third operation on that woman.” So I used a trance. I told the woman that she had had two cancers of different kinds; now she suffered from a painful contraction of the lower colon. And that’s very painful and had to be dilated. I told her that if, every day, she would get into her swimming suit, throw an automobile tire into the swimming pool, sit in there, and enjoy the comfort of the swimming pool and the water, the dilatation would be much less painful.

And she did that every day. The doctor said the dilatation proceeded much more rapidly, unusually rapidly. He said the woman complained about pain as before, but the tone of her voice was different. He didn’t think she had the same degree of pain.

About a year later the woman came by and hugged and kissed me and told me how wonderful life was. Her colon had healed; the doctor said she had a normal colon. He had removed the cancer from it. No recurrence.


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