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Bodywork and Hypnosis

Posted by Sun on September 23, 2011

Hypno Massage is the combination of bodywork and hypnosis.  It is a holistic approach to wellness.  It naturally activates the mind and body’s link to attain higher levels of well-being so that you can think better and feel better.  Each time a positive change is introduced at one level, it has a ripple effect throughout the entire individual.  After experiencing the benefits of hypno-massage you will have more time and energy to invest in your life.
The integration of bodywork and therapeutic hypnotic suggestions permits a deep state of relaxation.  In this state you can easily  discover obstacles to  your well-being and activate powerful positive changes.
The focus is on individualized treatments that promote self-healing.  Information is gathered during each session that reveals your  model of the world.  This information is utilized to create hypnotic suggestions specific to your needs.
As you relax through the massage, hypnotic suggestions are introduced and  incorporated to promote a deep body-mind awareness when the subconscious mind is  more open to powerful therapeutic suggestions.
At all times you will be aware and awake, yet, in a deep state of relaxation.  Time slows down and you are more focused.  You are in control of the process and the change.   You can stop the process, and return to your state of consciousness any time you want to.   
At the conclusion of each session you will sense the deep awakening, the strong mind-body connection, and the path to enhanced well-being.                                                                                                                                                              Source:

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