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Posted by Sun on December 22, 2011

How can we learn to think like children again and regain some


Watch little children. My youngest daughter went through

college in three years, got a master’s in her fourth year of college,

and completed medical school in two years and nine months.

When she was very young she would draw pictures and she’d

remark as she was drawing: “Drawing this picture is hard. I hope

I get it done so I’ll know what I’m drawing.”

Watch little children drawing pictures. “Is this a barn? No,

it’s a cow. No, it’s a tree.” The picture is whatever they want it

to be.

Most little children have good eidetic imagery, and some have

imaginary playmates. They can have a tea party that they can

change into a game in the orchard. Then they change that tea

party in the orchard into a hunt for Easter eggs. Children are very

ignorant, so they’ve got lots of room to change things around.

In a trance state, you’ve got billions of brain cells at your

service that ordinarily you don’t use. And children are very honest,

“1 don’t like you.” Whereas you would say, “Pleased to meet


You follow a very careful routine socially without realizing you

are restricting your behavior. In hypnotic trance, you are free.


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