Bangkok Hypnosis

Keep him on the road by Milton Erickson

Posted by Sun on December 25, 2011

One day an unknown horse strayed into the yard of the farm
where I lived as a child. No one knew where this horse had
come from as it had no markings by which it could have been
identified. There was no question of keeping the horse—it must
belong to someone.
My father decided to lead it home. He mounted the horse
and led it to the road and simply trusted the instinct of the horse
to lead itself towards its home. He only intervened when the
horse left the road to eat grass or to walk into a field. On these
occasions my father would firmly guide it back to the road.
In this way the horse was soon returned to its owner. The
owner was very surprised to see his horse once more and asked
my father, “How did you know the horse came from here and
belonged to us?”
My father replied, “I didn’t know, the horse knew! All I did
was to keep him on the road.”

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