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We learn things in a very unusual way by Milton Erickson

Posted by Sun on December 26, 2011

All right. Now I am going to give you a story so that you can understand better. We learn things in a very unusual way, a way that we don’t know about. In my first year of college I happened to come across that summer a boiler factory. The crews were working on twelve boilers at the same time, and it was three shifts of workmen. And those pneumatic hammers were pounding away,
driving rivets into the boilers. I heard that noise and I wanted to find out what it was. On learning that it was a boiler factory, I went in and I couldn’t hear anybody talking. I could see the various employees were conversing. I could see the foreman’s lips moving, but I couldn’t hear what he said to me. He heard what I said. I had him come outside so I could talk to him. And I asked him for permission to roll up in my blanket and sleep on the floor for one night. He thought there was something wrong with me. I explained that I was a premedic student and that I was interested in learning processes. And he agreed that I could roll up in my blanket and sleep on the floor. He explained to all the men and left an explanation for the succeeding shift of men. The next morning I awakened. I could hear the workmen talking about that damn fool kid. What in hell was he sleeping on the floor there for? What did he think he could learn?


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