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Teamwork: How To Create Synergy

Posted by Sun on March 5, 2012

A co-worker told me about the success of her grandson had trying out for and making the High School Soccer Team. One of the youngest on the team, she told me how excited he was being a part of the team, making the cut out of 78 other people for the few spots available. He was looking forward to the opportunity of playing with new teammates. “We even have our first game next week!” He had told his Grandmother.

This team was brand new! The players had only been chosen a few hours prior. You might ask, how can a newly formed, young team with different personalities, new and old players being merged together with varying degrees of strength, etc. be ready to play, with the intention of winning in under a week? How does a team, newly formed or established become synergistic with one another?

To make any team succeed you need to be aligned with one another. The team needs four necessary traits in order to become synergistic and succeed: A clear team purpose, solid communication, empowerment so the team can lead themselves, and finally make sure there is a commitment to the goal.

Be clear: Goals need to be clearly defined for each person to understand how and in what role he/she will need to create and fulfill a team’s success. Understanding the team’s goals and purpose and knowing how you will achieve them is empowering.

Communicate: Communication is vital in team members so they know where the ball is and where it is going. Just as crucial for the organizational team, all need on-going communication in order to stay productive, overcome obstacles, and check progress towards targets.

Empowerment: CMOE describes empowerment as the extent to which someone provides the encouragement, tools, and authority to others enabling them to use their power, talents and skills effectively. Empowering your team to help them lead themselves creates trust and innovative behavior, in turn, a synergistic team and coaching.

Commitment: Finally, being a member of a team requires personal commitment and dedication to the overall success of a team. Once we harness the power of synergy within a team we can accomplish anything.


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