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Self Hypnosis Techniques

Posted by Sun on March 13, 2012

Self hypnosis is a powerful technique you can use for influencing yourself. The spectrum of that influence is really wide, and can go from ‘installing’ new, beneficial beliefs and attitude (like ‘I like myself’) through improving your body performance (for example in sports), to relieving pain. It’s sometimes even used to make people not feel pain when operated by dentists, so the power of suggestion is really strong. People use it to get rid of problems with sleep, become more confident in certain situations, boost their motivation, change emotional reactions, eliminate fears (for example public speaking anxiety), and some even use it for weight loss.

What self-hypnosis really is?

It is a different than usual state of mind. In that state you are able to focus on any given thing much more than when you’re in your everyday consciousness. This may mean you’ll not notice any other things that the one you’re focusing on.

How to do it?

The first step is to relax your body and make your mind silent and focused. When you’ll achieve that you can use some of techniques I describe below. Lets stick with basic relaxation for now. The easiest method is to relax your muscles one by one. Start with your head and go down to your feet. Become aware of your muscle when you breath in, and relax it when you breath out. Give yourself time, don’t rush. You may already be in state of shallow trance.

When you’re done with this you can make your relaxation deeper by talking suggestions to yourself. Do you know what the symptoms of falling asleep are? You’ll be suggesting yourself the same symptoms – feeling of heaviness, and warmth. This is beginning of the state actual self hypnosis. Say yourself you feel your left arm is heavy. Say it feels good. Again, don’t rush. Repeat it three times. Then do the same for right hand, and for remaining body parts. At this stage don’t make any suggestions about your head – you don’t want to make it heavy. When this is completed, you should already be in state of deep relaxation, and your state of mind should be different from everyday consciousness. Now repeat the procedure with suggestion that your left arm is warm, and it feels good. Again, don’t talk anything about head.

When this stage is on, you are in the state of self hypnosis. Now you can use that state to make changes in the way your mind and body function. You can use techniques like affirmations, visualizations, or guided meditation. For example, if you’re working on motivation, you can say suggestions to yourself:

‘I’m full of energy to achieve my goals’

‘I feel enthusiastic about what I do’

You can also add visualization to this procedure. Just envision yourself doing things with enthusiasm, see yourself full of energy. See how you move, how you speak when you’re motivated. This technique can work wonders, but please be aware that in most cases regular practice is necessary if you want to achieve long-term results.



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