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Time Management Workshop

Posted by Sun on March 17, 2012

Time management is the art of arranging, organizing, scheduling, and budgeting one’s time for the purpose of generating more effective work and productivity. Time management is important for your personal life and career success. It teaches you how to manage your time effectively and make the most of it.


Benefits of  Time management

To achieve what you want to and need to — faster.

By managing your time well you will have an easier road to success.

You enjoy your life more.

Allows you to spend your life doing the things you really want to do.

Personal satisfaction.

What you will learn

Understand how to create and prioritize high-value goals

Assessing your time management strengths & weaknesses

Explore best practice processes for leveraging their time to achieve their goals

Managing tasks, projects, goals and ideas

Focusing and staying in the zone

Mastering the art of delegation

Managing multiple projects


What habits are created?

The habit of the overcoming the procrastination

The habit of the delegation

The habit of prioritization

The habit of discipline

Course details

Maximum participants:  4

Duration:        1 day

For more information or register for Workshop, please email


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