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Bipolar Management Workshop

Posted by Sun on March 18, 2012

If you have Bi-polar disorder, or know someone who does, you know how frustrating it is. It doesn’t have to be so frustrating if you can accept it and manage it.

What you will learn

  • describe the basic medical concept of bipolar disorder
  • explain how mood, activity and thinking all change during episodes
  • distinguish between symptomatic behaviour and other behaviour
  • identified your reliable early warning signs of becoming ill
  • organised in advance what you and your supporter are going to do to put the brakes on your advancing illness and stop it in its tracks;
  • identified your major alert signs that signify you are getting very ill;
  • organised in advance what you and your supporter are going to do to ensure you have a safety net to prevent disasters at home, work, with money etc. Your safety nets should also aim to keep you alive! They include making an emergency plan for access to emergency medical services when/if you need it.
  • prepared a draft bipolar management plan to discuss with your key mental health clinician.
  • worked out strategies for optimal health in the long term
  • understood and discussed the idea that life is a long journey
  • had a lot of fun and laughter at the expense of our ‘demon’

What habits are created?

The habit of thinking rationally

The habit of mood management

Course details

Maximum participants:  6

Duration:        4 day

For more information or register for Workshop, please email


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