Bangkok Hypnosis


Posted by Sun on April 30, 2012

A patient came to me and said, “I’ve lived in Phoenix for the
past fifteen years and I have hated every moment of those fifteen
years. My husband has offered me a vacation in Flagstaff. I hate
Phoenix so much, but I have refused to go to Flagstaff. I prefer
to stay in Phoenix and to hate being in Phoenix.”

So I told her, while she was in a trance, that she would be
curious about hating Phoenix and about why she punished herself
so much. That should be a very big curiosity. “And there is
another thing to be curious about—and very, very curious about.
If you go to Flagstaff for a week, you will see, very unexpectedly,
a flash of color.” As long as she had a big curiosity about hating
Phoenix, she could develop an equally large curiosity, just as
compelling, to find out what that flash of color would be in
She went to Flagstaff for a week, but stayed a month. What
flash of color did she see? I had none in mind. I just wanted her
to be curious. And when she saw that flash of color, she was so
elated that she remained a whole month in Flagstaff.

That flash of color was a redheaded woodpecker flying past an evergreen
tree. This woman usually spends the summer in Flagstaff now, but
she also has gone to the East Coast to sec the color there. She has
gone to Tucson, to see a flash of color.

She has gone to New York,to see a flash of color. She has gone to Europe, to see a flash of
color. And my statement that she would see a flash of color was
based only upon the fact that you have to see a lot of things that
ordinarily you don’t see. And I wanted her to keep looking. And
she would find something to translate into my words.


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