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Posted by Sun on May 6, 2012

A woman who had obsessive compulsive since her adolescence came to me by internet. He was educated and intelligent. She had taken medication by psychiatrist for twelve years.

In addition to different types of obsessions, she had a lot of stress; the stress of workplace, family, her son, and above all the stress of obesity! Her weight was 96 kg.

After several sessions to cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy, we created the inner wisdom who was slender with a long blue dress. She was empathic listener and investigated problems without judgment.

She consulted with her inner wisdom in many situations. Then I suggested to her for losing weight. She could hardly lose a few pounds.

She called me after a few months.

She said, “Doctor! Do you remember my weight at the last session?”

I said, “Yes, it was 88 kg.”

She said, “What do you think about my weight right now?”

I said, “I think it is about 80 kg.”

She said, “No, I am 70 kg. I’m happy. I enjoy parties, walking and communicating with my husband, family and colleges.”

Her talk as adults was filled with wisdom, happiness, and power.

Indeed, you become someone you has most contact with him/her.

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