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“Are there Benefits to having Bipolar Disorder?”

Posted by Sun on May 25, 2012

by Robert J. Hedaya, M.D.

Let me start by acknowledging what is well known: Manic Depression or Bipolar disorder can be a devastating illness. Affecting at least 1% of the population, it can, untreated, result in suicide, ruined careers and devastated families. Bipolar disorder is often accompanied by alcohol and drug abuse and addiction, criminal and even violent behavior. I acknowledge this, because I do not want to make light of the burden this illness places on people’s lives, their families and communities.

On the other hand, the history of the world has been influenced very significantly by people with manic depression (see my website for details)-from actors and actresses (Patty Duke, Jim Carey and Robin Williams) to Politicians (Winston Churchill, Theodore Roosevelt) to astronauts (Buzz Aldren), media mogels (Ted Turner) and perhaps even well known religious figures.

It seems clear that for at least some people with Bipolar disorder, there is an increased sense of spirituality, creativity, and accomplishment. It may be that having bipolar disorder holds great potential, if one is able to master or effectively channel the energies, which are periodically available, to some higher task. This would of course presume the ability to abstain from harmful drugs and alcohol, to have good character, and at least some supportive relationships and community networks.

It might be helpful to consider a reconceptualization. Perhaps instead of it being a disorder, we can think of people with bipolarity as having access to unusual potency. This potency will find a way to be outstanding-either in a destructive way, or in a constructive way. If such a choice is presented to the person, perhaps it can open some doors.



2 Responses to ““Are there Benefits to having Bipolar Disorder?””

  1. for those that attain these special skills and abilities while having bipolar disorder, I can only say..lucky them. But there has been a lot of talk about this kind of thing to the point where those who don’t experience all those positive results (which is the majority) it has almost become a trigger. When you are suffering with BP and you can not work, your creavity is nearly gone instead of inhanced and it doesn’t make you do great things but rather make the worst mistakes of your life. To hear all of this jubilation about all those people and their “super powers” from being BP has the possibility of being harmful. All Bipolar patients are not able to reach these highs and hearing about it isn’t going to make them suddenly able. It may stir some who might be slacking just because they don’t know their potential, that is true. But you know mental illness affects different people in different ways. But it is great that those who have the ability to use it to better there life of course. I guess it just seems that as of late, it is being rubbed in a lot.

    • Sun said


      Bipolar like depression is a spectrum that people who need care and take antipsychotic medications are in a head of the spectrum, and people who are very successful life in another head. Most people and some doctors only see one head of the spectrum.That is same as addiction, 90 percent people become addicted things, give up their behavior without the need to doctors, rehabs, or self groups at a few days or weeks.While Most people only see The remaining 10 percent.

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