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Blinking by Fariborz Arbasi

One day a young man who was bodybuilder came to the office and said,” Doctor as you can see I have a tic disorder, I am constantly blinking, I can’t stop the blinking of my eyes.

I said, “How long do you have this problem?”

He said, “About two years.”

I said, “What did you do to it?”

He said, “I went to every famous doctor in country; neurologist, psychiatrist, internist, psychologist and etc. I have spent a lot of money, but I didn’t any get result.”

I said, “I had the patient that her tic was more severe than yours, and she was treated.”


With hypnosis

He said, “Dr. Arbasi, I was hypnotized, but to no avail.”

I said, “Whom did you go to?”

He said, “I went to the famous psychiatrist, and we had ten hypnosis sessions but with no effect.”

I said, “The methods are different.  The treatment will be finished in three sessions. OK, take a deep breath and look at that spot. How many numbers can you look at it without blinking, two or five?”


OK, 1, 2 keep on


I said, “1,2,3,4 very good, Keep on like that, look at that spot and each time add one to three numbers. You are trained and beautiful physique; it seems that you practice well.”

Thank you

I said, “I read an article about The Strength of Muscles. Gym teacher had told: The most important moves in the bodybuilding are last moves, when you feel you can not do the extra move, and don’t have ability to another one. Those moves that you do after the feel of disability and tired body are key moves.”

He said, “That is completely true.”

I said, “What number do you come?”


I said, “That’s great, now, don’t look to that spot. When you don’t look at the spot, you can blink however you want, but, each time you look at the spot go a few more numbers. Are you ready?”


I said, “Start! The stories I say about bodybuilding you experienced, because you practiced and you have trained and beautiful body. Muscles generally are lazy, and only under pressure they get out of their homes and became obedient to you. You did that with your arm muscles, legs and abdomen, now you are controlling your eyes muscles. What number do you come?”

He said, “I think it’s seventy.”

I said, “Excellent, it’s enough. If necessary, whenever you feel you are blinking only look at a spot for a few seconds. And come next week.”

He was happy and said very excitedly, “I got treated Dr. Arbasi, I haven’t had blinking since last week. I’m only afraid it’s temporarily.

I said, “Don’t worry; you learned the controlling of it. Now look at the spot again. Do you have driver license?”


I said, “How long didn’t you drive?”

A few months

I said, “If you sit down behind the wheel can you drive?”

He said, “Yes, of course I can.”

I said, “Where are stored your skills? Do you know? The muscles of eye learned sometimes remain constant; Many times we do not need to do anything. The stomach does his work, as well as lung, heart, and other organs. Your eyes are doing their works without your awareness. Many people don’t know where adrenal glands are located!”

He thanked and went. After a few weeks he came to office and said, “Dr. Arbasi, I am unemployed for some time. Can hypnosis help me?



A woman who had obsessive compulsive since her adolescence came to me by internet. He was educated and intelligent. She had taken medication by psychiatrist for twelve years.

In addition to different types of obsessions, she had a lot of stress; the stress of workplace, family, her son, and above all the stress of obesity! Her weight was 96 kg.

After several sessions to cognitive behavioral therapy and hypnotherapy, we created the inner wisdom who was slender with a long blue dress. She was empathic listener and investigated problems without judgment.

She consulted with her inner wisdom in many situations. Then I suggested to her for losing weight. She could hardly lose a few pounds.

She called me after a few months.

She said, “Doctor! Do you remember my weight at the last session?”

I said, “Yes, it was 88 kg.”

She said, “What do you think about my weight right now?”

I said, “I think it is about 80 kg.”

She said, “No, I am 70 kg. I’m happy. I enjoy parties, walking and communicating with my husband, family and colleges.”

Her talk as adults was filled with wisdom, happiness, and power.

Indeed, you become someone you has most contact with him/her.


Quitting Smoking by Fariborz Arbasi

A man in his forties arrived and said, “Do you have a drug for smoking cessation too?”

I said, “Yes”.

“Is smoking cessation easy with that drug?” He said

I said, “ To change any habit can be easy or difficult! It depends to method. I give you a prescription, if you use it correctly; you can quit smoking easily. You take zyban until two weeks, whenever you feel your desire to smoke has been reduced, inform me.”

After one week he come and said, “My desire has been reduced.” I said, “you can stop smoking, whenever you feel anxiety take zanax, when you could tolerate anxiety without medication, inform me.”

At last session, I said him, “The urges are like dog and cut, whenever they feel the smell of food, come to you. Every time you cope with them, they become weaker and paler and gradually disappear.

After six months, his brother came to office for quitting smoking.



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