Bangkok Hypnosis


Each year, the most workshops will be held throughout the world such as Stress Management, Weight loss, Managing depression, Emotional Intelligent, and etc

Unfortunately, very few participants may be successful to change, because behavioral learning is very different from learning biology!

People to learn these skills not only need to get knowledge, but, they need to acquire the art of change their beliefs and habits. So, they have to do practice after the workshop. Due to my work experience in running different workshops, People don’t practice! Therefore, they don’t learn the skills.

I designed workshops that participants learn the skills that they want, without the need to practice after the workshop, in other hand; they create the new habits in themselves at the same time that they are in the workshop.

Some of workshops in Bangkok:

Stress Management

The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Weight Loss

Managing Depression (mild to moderate)

Emotional Intelligent

Managing bipolar (bipolar II and cyclothymia)

the 10 sales habits Og Mandino

Managing Anxiety (general anxiety, phobias, and panic attack)

Time Management


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